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my life is a test and i get bad marks

there is no modern romance

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things that make me happy:


cute boys

a perfect espresso shot and perfectly steamed milk

and friends and family

and movies

and art

and the simpsons

and music

and books

My favorite historical lifetime:

And if i had to be a literary charater i'd be puck from "a midsummer's night dream"

Lisa: When will all those fools learn that you can be perfectly healthy
simply eating vegetables, fruits, grains and cheese.
Apu: Oh, cheese!
Lisa: You don't eat cheese, Apu?
Apu: No I don't eat any food that comes from an animal.
Lisa: Ohh, then you must think I'm a monster!
Apu: Yes indeed I do think that. But, I learned long ago Lisa to
tolerate others rather than forcing my beliefs on them. You know
you can influence people without badgering them always. It's like
Paul's song, "Live and Let Live".
Paul: Actually, it was "Live and Let Die".
Apu: Well, whatever, whatever. it had a good rhythm.
-- "Lisa the Vegetarian"

Liz: "Oh yeah, i forgot you hate puppies!"
Liz: "napolean sounds like a prick, i'm gald i didn't know him"